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Salman Khan on why Tubelight couldn't cross 300 crore: Aamir Khan didn't cry this time

20, Jul 2017 By aditya singh

The “Tubelight Ki Eid” hype that happened this time, Box office analysts were fighting whether the film “tubelight” will net 400 crores or 500 crores in India because 300 crores is a cakewalk for solo Eid release. Surprising to the fans, it turned out to be the biggest disaster that Bollywood has ever seen after Bombay Velvet.

Salman Khan shining like a Tubelight
Salman Khan shining like a Tubelight

On being asked to Salman’s PR team whether his performance at box office has demotivated him he had this to say-“every Eid he comes with a great film and at the premiere of the film every big star and critic comes and appreciate the movie on their Twitter handle as well as in front of media. This time around Aamir was not in Mumbai so he couldn’t come to the Premier and so no one cried and appreciated the film which has led to a downfall at the box office.”

The trade has rumour that after the Premier, Salman was busy accompanying SRK and some other bunch of friends and he forgot to pay Taran Adarsh a hefty amount of money so that he appreciates the film regardless of his personal thoughts. this led to some hundred crores lesser than the expected box office Some Salman fans blasted out on social media saying that unlike SRK’s FAN, tubelight isn’t flop, it’s just “below average”. When we discussed it with  Guru ranjan (a diehard bhai fan) he said-“Aamir Khan didn’t cry this time otherwise the movie had all the ingredients for a 300 crore film. He did that last time in Sultan as well as Bajrangi bhaijaan and both of them turned out to be a ₹300 crore gold at box office” When we asked him if you like the film or not he said-“that’s irrelevant the film should cross ₹300 crores at least otherwise how will we tease our friends who happened to be SRK fans” said guru Ranjan who was going to watch tubelight for a record seventh time.

On consulting some other bhai fans if they liked the film, they said-“yes the movie is a visual retreat and bhai as usual delights with his acting performance and deserves no less than an Oscar nomination. The only part I didn’t like was SRK’s cameo, he can never match the acting level of bhai, nowhere even close to it. They shouldn’t have taken him for a cameo. Even Sohail Khan is a bigger star than him”- said a angry faiz abdullah who likes to be called “Tiger” by his close friends. Faiz on being asked whether tubelight will gross more than RAEES or not, changed the topic to say- “i am throwing my birthday party today and 4 of my friends will Watch tube light again” When we wished him happy birthday he said-“my birthday falls on 27th January but i am saving money since then so that i can show tubelight to my friend which will help in increasing the footfalls of the film as well ”

after the box office verdict came out, distributors lost a big share of money that they earned with dangal and baahubali 2, to which arvind kejriwal said-” it’s all the fault of Modi ji , had he not come up with GST, the movie would have grossed a fantastic total. in this context i am going to stage a dharna tomorrow and you guys are whole-heartedly invited”