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Shahrukh's Duplicate to take his place in upcoming movies

19, Jan 2018 By chetna chauhan

Mumbai. Dismayed by tanked movies on Box office, SRK has told directors to cast his duplicate in his place. According to an internal source, this is being done on the advice of film Pundits. Apparently, King Khan’s stars are not in his favor these days. So he has planned to change stars. The best way he found to change the stars is to change the man himself in the movie.

This is a profitable deal for Shahrukh as well as his fans. Shahrukh will save the time and efforts he puts in his movies. Given the fact that most of his movies are not getting the expected return, SRK can utilize his time in some other projects. Moreover, his fans will get the feel of real Shahrukh, as his duplicate, who is a samosa seller from Indore, looks exactly like him. Our secret sources have revealed that SRK’s production team has got the horoscope of the samosa seller analyzed by a famous astrologer. They have confirmed that the stars of Samosa seller are in a better situation than SRK himself. The team went ahead with SRK’s approval.

Zero will be the first movie to cast SRK’s duplicate. Although the difference in physique of real and duplicate SRK is evident from the trailer, there is not much difference in the acting skills. We congratulate team SRK for the perfect training of the new actor.

Faking News reporter spoke to the leading lady of the film. She is quite happy with SRK’s decision. The actress said, “I miss SRK’s presence on the sets and promotions but I am glad that I could romance a young and single man in the movie.”

Our representative tried to reach King Khan himself, but he could not answer as he is busy with his new ventures.