Shirish to now direct SRK's film

27, Oct 2017 By alien4dec

MUMBAI: Last night famous filmmaker Shirish Kunder announced on his website cum blog that he is making a biopic on SRK and this news immediately led to curiosity amongst the Bollywood gossip mongers. At the press conference to talk about his upcoming short film on SRK, Shirish came along with a dog which surprised all since the press were expecting Shahrukh.

Shirish Kunder seems happy
This unique idea came after watching Entertainment for 10 times: Shirish Kunder

Shirish addressed the press conference stating, “First of all, I need to clear the misunderstanding and rumors which has spread from Bollywood to Hollywood and I am being flooded with offers to make biopic on ‘Donald Trump’ to ‘Queen Elizabeth’ and even ‘Narendra Modi’. I would like to introduce this sweet innocent soul named ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ – the dog. Its a trend now in Bollywood to make a biopic on sports star to superstars but I had this very innovative idea to make a biopic on animals. This is not an ordinary dog. He retired from the armed forces and was a spy. My short film revolves around his valour and humility, but their is another twist to it and i.e his luck factor. SRK was the lucky charm and its due to his presence at the 2011 world cup, India won the finals.

Replying to Shaukat, our faking news correspondent, Shirish said, “Yes the news is true. Sheikh himself has requested me to make a film on horse racing, so that he can make Dubai World Cup, world’s most valuable racing event. But I have denied the offer since for me all animals and birds are angels.

Horse racing is a “Sport of Kings”, Ego and Fame,where corporate wealth are tossed by investors, politicians, celebrities and poor horse pays for all pain and trauma caused by drugs and torture of the jockey. I myself love horses, so I write poetry about their pride, chivalry and beauty but never cause any pain. Horses are cowboys favourite pet. Though I have denied to make a film on horse racing but I have proposed to King to direct a film about his other noble causes and charities he does for the world citizens, so that its an inspiration for others too. He further said, “ I don’t make films for money, since film making is his passion and enjoys being on the shoots with his colleagues to create something innovative.Just like a good beer sells by itself, I just focus on creativity and rest is history. I was recently nominated in the best short film category at the academy awards for ‘Kriti’ and I am confident that I shall win Oscars too.”

Shirish was also invited recently at the Ted Talks for a powerful presentation, where he shared his ideas on innovative form of art and cinema. When asked about his experience, he said, “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. It is an intellectual and highly rated international platform and I was, in a way, speaking on future of world cinemas.”

Meanwhile PETA has made Shirish Kunder their new brand ambassador. It will be exciting to see sexiest man alive – Shirish Kunder in leaves clothing for the upcoming PETA advertisement which he is currently shooting in Victoria Gardens (Byculla Zoo).

We’ll keep you posted with more news on Shirish’s project as it is filmed, but for now, this definitely seems like a project worth keeping your eyes on.