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Shirish to offer unlimited Pani Puris @ Rs.100/-

11, Jul 2017 By alien4dec

Mumbai: Post GST, Pani Puri business came to standstill. With Puchkhas falling under 44% GST, mandatory Adhaar Card for consumption of more than 10 plates of Pani Puris a month and proof of Below Poverty Line card for demanding free Sukha Puris, governments decision was disheartening to women at large.

From being part time film maker to full time Pani Puri Wala, Shirish Kunder’s career graph is incredible. Like multi faced Ravana, his career is also multi-faceted.

Speaking to Faking News, Shirish said, “Keeping in mind the kind of obsession and love women have for this street food, I was sure this idea was bound to become a hit. Being a former resident of Ghatkopar, I had a deep crush on a Gujju girl who ran Pani Puri stall at Khau Galli (Food Street).I consumed her Pani Puris daily evening after selling film tickets in black”.

1st day on his new job
1st day on his new job

“First Love is all what came to rescue my career since wife didn’t invest in my film project nor anyone in Bollywood. I beseeched many producers via my multiple fake twitter handles but in vain, so I finally decided to re-launch myself but this time from outside the studios. I have expansion plans and would let out franchisee to other jobless Bollywood strugglers who can open outlets outside film studios, malls and cinema halls. My major social media client, Actor Amitabh Bachchan whose Twitter handle I operate, inaugurated my Juhu beach stall”.

“As per daily plan per person can have unlimited pani puris at Rs.100/- whereas monthly Pani Puri Pass would cost Rs.1000/-. My Gol Gappas has moved beyond mixology.  Wine, Whiskey, Beer, Rum and Vodka Puris are famous amongst men, while students demand mostly chicken, chocolate or cheese filled puris. Figure conscious females prefer mostly Green tea Puris, Tender fresh coconut puris or Butter milk puris. But speaking for myself, as a Shirker, I still prefer the original cutting Chai Puri”.

After enjoying Shirish Kunder’s Caviar Pani Puris, I still can’t decide, the most exciting part of eating Puchkas is the Puchka itself or the Sukha Puri after that. Do meet him at Juhu beach and enjoy the sexy Pani Puris filled with his lust.