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Where son is forbidden, father sits

29, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The parents used to forbid children for minimising the excessive use of the mobile phone for it directly has an adverse effect on the studies. However, the young minds did not seriously accept this suggestion. They are attending the Hukka bars and dance bars without any scruple. This is the modern-day leisure pursuit despite its bad brunt. Sometimes the students are caught for enjoying the moments at these places after bunking their classes. How could it be favourable if studies are directly influenced?

When a mother learnt of his son’s habit of going dance bar, she indicted him harshly. She had never thought of her son going to such a despicable destination. She had never visualised of his wrong actions. With a very heavy heart, she asked him of the reason behind this tendency. He remained tight-lipped as there was no logical answer. He was not wholly oblivious of his parents’ condemnation towards his mistaken mannerism. Despite knowing of all the consequences he approached at a place where his presence was not acceptable. But after all the incorrect incongruity his mother hauled him up with a very usual query.

Such question is always raised by indigenous mothers who want to see her child a caring citizen. Ultimately they admit by and large defeat before the offspring because of their love and affection. The children generally take up this fondness as the parental weakness. But it is never thought to be so in any way. Feeling resentment at this bent of her son’s psyche the aggrieved mother tried to assure her of certain end results. “Have you noticed anything at the dance bar that you should not have been observed? Her naughty son answered replied after a few minutes.The only thing that he happened to observe there was the presence of ‘pitaji‘.