Sony stops airing CID: TRP dips to all time low

20, Apr 2015 By Pavan

Mumbai: All good things must come to an end. A series which broke all the records in the history of the world television is finally coming to an end. No we are not talking about Game of Thrones; we are talking about CID which has been running endlessly on Sony television from past 16 years.

Soon after the creative head of the Sony channel announced the decision of ending CID, the TRP of the channel dipped drastically and people

ACP Pradyuman's reaction after he got the news of CID going off air
ACP Pradyuman’s reaction after he got the news of CID going off air

who were die-hard fans of the series were found watching the series on YouTube with tears of joy in their eyes.

Faking News got in touch with one of the admirers of the show named ACP Bajirao Pradyuman who has been watching the show since inception including repeat episodes. Bajirao started speaking to the reporter with teary eyed and said “I don’t know what made the channel to take such an inhuman step, I mean show was really moving well with brand new recurring cases every week. People love watching series which has non-repetitive storyline, thrill, dialogues and star cast, CID had all those elements but show is unfortunately coming to an end. Now who will get to see ACP Pradyuman saying Daya Darwaaza Tod Do, Iska Matlab samjhe Abhijeet, Kuch toh gadbad hai type of epic dialogues? At least, the channel should have thought about the people who make meme’s of the show, they will be left jobless now. I hope you also enjoyed watching the show from past 16 years”. When the reporter said that he did not love the show, ACP Bajirao Pradyuman slapped and kicked the reporter in CID Daya’s style out of his house.

To control the damage and get back the TRP, Sony channel has issued a statement saying that it has stopped airing the first season of the CID which ran for more than a decade and second season of the CID will be back soon and it will telecast for more than a century.

In the meantime Set Max has issued a statement that it will completely stop telecasting Soooryavansham on their channel and this decision not only resulted in the increase of happiness index of the movie lovers but also increased channel TRP.