After spending a night on the internet going through Game of Thrones' fan theories GRRM forgets the original plot, Will abstain from writing any further

04, Jul 2017 By gabehcuod

As the Game of thrones Season 7 premiere nears, the internet is flooding with trailer analysis and fan theories. However absurd they may seem one finds very difficult to maintain distance with them.

New season; new suspense
New season; new suspense

George R R Martin the writer of the book series too on one dreadful night found himself surfing on this weird side of the internet.So influenced by these theories Martin has decided to discard his original work and rewrite the saga afresh.

In a conversation with faking news reporter Martin affirmed that such rumors are true. Martin further stated that ”Reading theories such as the Ser Pounce being the Azor Ahai, Roose Bolton is an ancient skin-stealing vampire, Bran is a time traveler, Varys is a sea creature and other seemingly convincing fan theories has made me question the premise of the series altogether”. ”I’ve decided to write no further”, Martin added.

Angry fans have taken to internet to express their sorrow. Amidst these news one fan theory that has surfaced claims that Kim Jong(Jon) Un is the real life king in the north(Korea) trying to rally the living folk against the White Walkers (Americans).