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Subhash Ghai announces Pardes 2

16, Nov 2018 By Nachiket Dabhadkar

This is an era of sequels in Bollywood. Just after Mahesh Bhatt announced the return of his ‘Sadak’ venture, another ace filmmaker, Subhash Ghai has announced the sequel of Pardes.

Pardes – a 1997, Subash Ghai film starring Shah Rukh Khan, Amrish Puri, Alok Nath along with newcomers Apoorva Agnihotri and Mahima Chaudhary was one of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters then and is amongst the memorable films for those who grew up in the nineties. So, when our correspondent Idle Singh, who was just ten when the first part of the film was released got to know about this, he immediately sought an appointment with Mr. Ghai. Though the filmmaker was busy making monetary arrangements so that he could pay the signing amount to Shah Rukh Khan, he agreed to talk to Mr. Singh. This is what Ghai told Faking News.006cc6dc2a83b798200a91c6a12421e3

“The story moves twenty years ahead, Arjun (Shah Rukh Khan) is a fifty-year-old man and is still going strong. Ganga (Mahima Chaudhary), now an NRI is still Indian at heart. They have an eighteen-year-old daughter named ‘Bharati’ (after India) played by Alia Bhatt. Being born and brought up in New York, she could have very well become an American Born Confused Desi (ABCD) but thanks to her Indian parents, she too carries a revered image of India. Not to mention she speaks accented Hindi. In order to get that accent right, Katrina Kaif has done a voice over for Alia. (Katrina is such a lovely girl, she did this for free. Ghai smiles as he tells Mr. Singh.)

Fed up of the policies of President Trump, Arjun along with his wife and daughter decides to migrate to his motherland. But, when he reaches India, he realizes that the place is no longer the same as it used to be decades ago. He feels as if he is in some other country altogether. And so the title, Pardes 2.

He has to face the ‘music’ as he struggles to establish himself in the Music industry but is finally helped by Potla or Pradyumna (Aditya Narayan) who is all grown up now and anchors a singing Reality show on National Television.

He can’t believe his ears when he gets to know about the ‘Me Too’ allegations about his father in law Suraj Dev (Alok Nath). It is when Ganga too chips in with her ‘Me too’ episode against the ‘Sanskari’ Alok Nath which had happened during the first part of the movie.

Apart from this, there are scenes wherein Arjun can no longer recognize the currency notes of the contemporary Indian Market. He is amused to see various Eastman coloured notes of some unbelievable denominations like 200 and 2000.

The game of Kabaddi which he had played in the first part of the movie is now a national sensation, given the fact that various states now have their teams participating in the Pro Kabaddi League. Cricket too has changed a lot, he realizes while watching it on JIO TV, the mighty Tendulkar has hung his boots and there is a new boy called Kohli in the cricketing arena. He is pained to see the ‘bazaar’ of cricketers being made at the start of every IPL season. The Bollywood is still a bit unchanged; Salman Khan is still single and Ambitabh Bachchan still the ‘Shahenshah’ of the industry.”

By the way, did I tell you, “Shah Rukh Khan plays a double role in this movie as he also plays the character of Ranvijay, a Punjabi Jatt opposite Alia Bhatt?” Ghai coughs while he informs this detail (as if counting in mind the extra sum he had to spend so as to get the of King Khan multiplied by two)  “Actually, we wanted to rope in Ranbir Kapoor for this role but SRK was not ready to just play a role of a fifty-year-old man who is a father to an eighteen-year-old girl. You see, he still wants to play the youth, dancing around the trees so Ranvijay, in this movie is a digitally created young Avatar of SRK”, an aide close to Subhash Ghai told us on the grounds of anonymity.

“The script is ready and we shall begin the shooting in January 2019, currently, SRK, our Hero is very busy with the promotion of Zero. Moreover, I also need to get the dates Alok Ji who too is very busy these days,” says Ghai sounding a bit worried.

Meanwhile, it is also understood that when another talented director Ashutosh Gowariker who had made the iconic film Swades with Shah Rukh Khan came to know about this Pardes sequel, he too was tempted to make a sequel to Swades but then gave up the thought as he could not find the whereabouts of the actress Gayatri Joshi who was the leading lady in the film.