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To save planet earth, Bollywood urges ISRO to launch Kamaal R Khan in space along with American satellites

07, Aug 2015 By ankush3

Mumbai. India is riding high on the news of ISRO helping American satellites to launch them in space . At the same time , Bollywood is trying to make use of this opportunity to get rid of Kamaal R Khan and its insane tweets. Some of the Bollywood celebrities have written letter to Indian government requesting to take KRK in space along with American satellites and leave him there only.

Dyud, Please don’t spread lies that I am leaving India because of Modi. I am leaving for shutting (shooting) of my upcoming block-buster.

Though the names of celebrities have not been disclosed yet, but it has been confirmed that around 30 item girls and few other famous personalities have signed on the letter which was sent to Indian government. One of the item girls had a chat with our reporter where She confirmed, “I am extremely happy and hopeful that Indian government will agree to our request. If it happens, then not only Bollywood but whole country will be relieved of KRK’s creepy tweets and his 2 kaudi ki mentality. Moreover I will ask ISRO to expedite this launch project before KRK completes shooting of Deshdrohi -2 otherwise the movie will get released”. On the other hand, a few struggling stars are not supporting this as they believe that KRK was the only source of their publicity even if he abuses them.

KRK allowed our reporters to have chat with him on his private jet after they agreed to take free premier passes of upcoming Deshdrohi -2. When asked about if government agreed to Bollywood request, he replied, “Its simple dyude. I will take parachute with me and come back to earth after they leave me in space”. When we told him that he would not be able to come back as their is no gravity in space. He said,”Its better, I will have tour of all 26 planets including sun and will buy one of them which I like and start living there. This way, I will be able to complete my promise of leaving India”.