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Tubelight offers distinct import

25, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: If a film is to run, it definitely requires a big actor in lead role. This is practically correct with this film. Kabir Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ gives a different memo. Though the film critics have denied of any message given through this film necessarily, it seems to have imparted an important note of assent with the simpleton’s status in the society. This was even claimed by none other than the director when he pointed out that Salman Khan meticulously taught him to take the cinematic liberties while he on his part capably trained the popular actor how after a certain point the logic does matter.

Nonetheless, this aspect is peculiarly manifested in the excellent action filled drama. The film is full of sweetness and sincerity.  All the focus has been given to the character of Salman Khan whose mind works like a child in the film. We can imagine of the similar depiction in the Hollywood flick “Little Boy” that inspires the Tube light production to a larger length.

The literal meaning of tube light is tube indicating of the fluorescent bulb. Another sense is that someone who is slow and takes a long time to understand a little thing or the point of talk easily. In our day-to-day conversation, we relate a person’s brain with the tube light which does not light up abruptly. This kind of situation has been shown in the film. It is the most confounding quality of the picture which was not wholly presenting war situation. It can be termed as anti-war Hindi film.

It cannot be altogether denied that presence of Salman Khan has introduced a ground-breaking verve in the film and the film is running totally because of his presence in lead role. Even if suave Shahrukh Khan, strong bodied Suhail Khan and (late) Om Puri are getting fitting roles in the film’s story, the credit of the success goes directly to the leading actor.