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Vaani Kapoor gives French climate as reason for facial changes: Scientists urge nations to stop global warming

13, Dec 2016 By electroman

Mumbai. Vaani Kapoor has claimed that the French winter is the reason behind her facial changes. She is vehemently denying that she has gone under the knife, just like any Indian actress would. By doing this she has joined a long list of Indian actresses who till date claim not to have done any plastic surgery to enhance facial and “other” features.

Vani Kapoor FACING climate change and global warming
Vani Kapoor FACING climate change and global warming

Her case is a bit unique. Not only did she refute the claim, but she is giving a outrageous reason for it. She claims that the French winter is responsible for changes to her lips, chin and nose. In a miraculous way weather has given her a chin a makeover from double chin, Sharpened her nose and puffed her lips.

Scientists have called on the world media’s attention to this phenomenon. They are asking the world leaders to reduce “Global Warming”. They are baffled that climate change can cause such adverse effects on facial features. Bill Gates and Leonardo Dicaprio are on their way to Paris in their private jets to support this fight against global warming.

This has also spawned a different kind of tourism, a career changing trip for any upcoming actress. So many actresses are flying to Paris in a hurry to enjoy these effects of climate change.

Sensing an opportunity, now Shilpa Shetty claims that it was indeed global warming that caused her sharpened nose. Rhino Killing not Rhinoplasty! says her Twitter page.