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Virginity troubles: High courts recall their order in Salman cases

11, Aug 2016 By Velawrites

Mumbai. Salman reiterated the fact that he is a virgin. High courts recalled its order of setting Salman free in black buck and drunken driving cases noting that this guy is a serial offender. #VirginityTrouble

It was touted as a joke when he mentioned that he is a virgin on CWK. Entire nation thought it was a joke. So much so that the guy who asks what nation wants to know did not start a debate around it. Ravish was silent as usual. Though when we contacted Ravish, he reiterated his stand that he does not watch TV.

Phans gaye rey Salman?
Phans gaye rey Salman

Recently at a trailer launch for a low budget movie, Salman again mentioned that he is a Virgin. This has now shaken the conscience of entire nation and High court has taken into conscience that this guy is a serious offender and lies at the drop of a hat. Salman Khan’s lawyer objected and argued that he does not wear a hat as it does not go down well with his public image.

Judges passing the order to recall the cases said, “We believed Salman, when he said that he did not kill Blackbuck as he was drunk and was driving when this killing took place. Salman also told Mumbai High court that he was on mission to kill black buck at the time when drunken driving case took place.

When questioned about the timelines of these two cases since they do not match, Salman argues that he is Salman Khan and he does not lie. Salman is just blessed with the superhero power of moving between time. Court set him free considering his innocence. A fact that lower court could not recognize.

Now that he reiterated the facts about his virginity, it has triggered rounds of serious discussions during a tea session in Bar council meeting. A new trend was seen emerging on twitter with the name #VirginityTroublesSalman.

A Judge who appeared in the meeting spoke at the condition of anonymity. He had taken his innocent Bhai tag name a bit too seriously. Him speaking of virginity is like “Sau Sau Chuhe Khake Billi Haj ko Chali”. A single bench will now hear both the cases related to Salman so that we can validate his statement of movement between timelines. We believe for truth to come out this is the only way.

One of the lawyers for Salman also spoke to us again at the condition of anonymity, “It is good that the cases are reopened because Salman was having Anxiety attacks with no pending cases. With News of reopening of cases he is now feeling better and signed three more 300 crore movies.”

We, now hear that nation also wants to know the truth. Black screen on Ravish show will reappear and talk about this censored topic.