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Wife is happy with husband's affair with cryptocurrency

05, Feb 2018 By Barkha Jain

Ram Agarwal, 31 years old left his full time job and immersed himself completely into cryptocurrency. His wife Sita had stretched all boundaries to show her commitment towards her husband and painted all the walls of the house with images of different coins from bitcoin to ethereum and many more.

When our reporter got in touch with her, she said, “My husband has an intense affair with crypto just like Romeo and Juliet. He reaches orgasm whenever he makes a good deal. I am happy that he is not like other men who have extra marital affairs. I help my husband throughout the day by changing his diapers and spraying deodorant everywhere so that he stays focused on crypto. Soon acche din aane wale hain. I have recently changed the name of my kid from Ripan to Ripple. Also I sing kirtans at night reciting the names of all the coins 108 times. I also plan to stick images of bitcoins on my saree to express my full support to my husband.”

Our reporter asked if he could talk to Ram. Sita politely refused and said that he could take his photograph quietly. When our reporter spotted Ram, he realized that Ram was actually a fat black bear and asked Sita about the same. Sita cleared the confusion and said, ”He is my husband Ram. Since he hasn’t taken bath for many months, people happen to get confused between him and a bear. Hence even I have stopped waxing so that I can support him in every possible way and I sit under the sun so that I get black.”

Suddenly a voice came from behind, it was Ripple screaming – “I have told dad to HODL me tight. I will soon shoot to the moon.”