Youth's relief stayed in dual BA

13, Nov 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: In the present ambiance of the electioneering the tall calculated pledges are being revised. One city’s mayoral candidate has made adequate courage to swear of bringing improvements in the out-dated Nagar Nigam schools on the main concern basis. But what is the ultimate aim of the learning three ‘R’s if there is no major requirement of educational ability for contesting an election from Panchayat to Parliament. Now, the aspiring candidates seek blessings of the religious Gurus for their final success. This is clear with political leaders attending bowing to the religious convictions.

When one college-educated individual disturbed with his continuous failure in securing employment approached a religious seer in order to seek out some handy solution to his serious problem. Grasping his concern and worry the humble Baba enquired of his didactic ability. He at once answered that he had completed his bachelor’s degree from a renowned university. The sage took a sigh of relief after knowing this fact but confused as to hit upon any immediate way out of the youth’s trouble. He arrived at a very perplexing blank situation as his mind was not working ably.

The wise, sensible seer was quite aware of the practical fact that merely acquiring a bachelor’s degree brings a job into the competitive world. Those youths whose marriage gets dissolved for some reasons are also known as B.A. How is it so? This is simply so. They acquire the status of bachelor again, that’s why they are considered as the same differently. Considering all the pros and cons of the youth’s genuine worry, the sagacious seer suggested the person repeat his graduation from one other university and join my sacred profession. This will not only relieve you from the trouble of seeking service but also provide an opportunity to serve humankind.