Monday, 30th March, 2020

An Open FIR

15, Jan 2016 By 13s7

Dear Police , Judiciary, Legislators, and Citizens of India,

I am a science scholar in the worlds most tolerant nation of the world. I am doing specialization in Physics and have strong respect for laws of nature.

However recently I was told that Baba Ram Rahim ji can break a rock into pieces, throw a rock single handed and can fly in air out of nowhere. I did not believe it . It seemed completely against the laws of nature as I know.

In Science, we dont believe if we dont have observation. But then there was messenger of God  on YouTube. Observations !!!.

Well obviously he is not faking it. Hundreds follow him. Hundreds cant be wrong. If I tell him fake, I will hurt the sentiments of hundreds. So definitely to breathe in this free tolerant country, I must say that he is real.

But, because of doing so, please arrest me.

Beacuse, by not calling Baba Ram Rahim as an fake idiot I am hurting the sentiments of my fellow scientists who starve for betterment of the nation. And I learnt that our constitution allows me to be jailed for hurting sentiments even on a comedy show. I am directly responsible for the making of the the worlds largest comedy show, Indian Legislation and Judiciary system, where comedians are arrested for doing comedy. Because of my mistake, Sir I request you to arrest me ,  for hurting sentiments of my fellow scientists, by tolerating Baba Ram Rahim’s existence.

Oh, I must thank you all, that even after writing this, I am breathing outside the jail.

–  A physics student