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An open letter from an aggrieved 'Number System' to Delhi CM

26, Apr 2016 By wordlyaayush

Dear sir,

Notwithstanding the fact that we rate your hard hitting decision to reduce the number of vehicles polluting Delhi’s atmosphere as marvelous, our Union of Number System strongly disapproves with the rule behind rationing.

Bearing a legacy of famed mathematicians like Bhaskara, Aryabhatta, and Ramanujam isn’t it undignified to employ simple elementary mathematics of odd and even to frame a rule which will affect the psyche of masses in general. Your rule, my dear, has ignored the basic principle of mathematics: the difficult, the better.

For the number master Kejriwal
For the number master Kejriwal

The simplicity of identifying odd and even has sucked the breath out of your fellow protest groups, who were so longing to hug the deserted Jantar Mantar had you offered a more difficult proposition to Delhiwales. In fact, your transition from a coughing Krantikari to a pondering Adhikari has caught every ready-to-agitate soul unarmed.

But real world apart, the world of mathematics is under a severe trauma since you colluded with the chunnu-munnus of number system and ruined the ego of other big shots like Prime and Composite number or Rational-Irrational number.

Sir, your rule has revived the caste system in our community where odd-even still enjoy privilege over other real numbers. For years we have ignored the discriminatory treatment meted to rational-irrational numbers over odd-even by the student community at large. For a meager 5 marks they prefer writing the complete multiplication table of even numbers between 1 to 10 than proving how square root2 is irrational. Just because 2,4,6,8,10 are even and rhyme together should  we deny  poor square root2 the right  to prove its rationality? In such a partial oriented society, the selection of only odd-even by an ex-IITian thereby ignoring the whole gamut of real numbers might leave Pythagorus turn in his grave.

In a bid to assert your mind’s supremacy, pay homage to past mathematicians and give fodder to protest to political parties we suggest you an alternative. Make a raita of all real and imaginary numbers, spit a bit of calculus into it and offer a ready to rebel vehicle rationing policy as raita to litter.

Enforce some out of box complex rules, go back to vedas or vedic mathematics and churn out theorems that would put followers of Euler, Lafrange or Leibniz to shame. Unleash the ‘iterative dog’ of Runge-Kutta method over the numb mortal brains of Delhites . Introduce the imaginary and ever dreaded iota (i) as the complex series in vehicle numbers, gift the Delhi dudes some Double Differential equations and toss a pinch of quadratic to the motorists Madams, the solution to which would be their licence to drive. Or include rational irrational numbers as part of  the rationing policy by crowning every vehicle number with a square root function and let the hapless mind decipher its rationality.  Make the vehicle numbers so miserable to identify,sir,  that people shudder twice before driving again.

Let us together prove everyone that when we copy a rule then we improvise upon it even better. Thus let us welcome a beautiful world where early morning every person worth his mathematics soul would hold a glass of milk in one hand and an advanced mathematics book in the other.

With few regards

Yours Mathematically,

Union of Number System