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Another young man falls in clutches of aging

11, Jan 2016 By cobratanktimes

Mount Abu. This Saturday, a 38 year old local resident Mr Mukesh got shock of his life when his barber diagnosed him with two live grey hair strands near jaw line. He was in the middle of his routine hair care when suddenly, Mr. Atif Aslam, barber for his family for many generations, dropped this bomb on him.

“Grey hair and me! Now what else am I yet to see?”, murmured Mukesh.

At first he just got angry and thought barber was trying to fool him, to make money by prescribing him unnecessary hair blackening oils and drugs. But soon, after a nearby tree-shed barber too confirmed this, Mr Mukesh broke into tears; he was unable to accept that he is indeed suffering from “aging”.

“It’s always hard to give this bad news, especially those who are too young to ever believe that it will happen to them. But you have to be straight with the patient. I know it sucks but it is also a part of the job”, said the Ustaad barber Mr. Atif Aslam at new style hair parlor near old Masjid. He added, “It’s very disheartening to see what people like Mukesh has to go through at the tender age of 38yr, it puts a lot of psychological pressure on boys to act as a grown up and clean up their act”.

“It won’t happen to me”, that’s what I always used to think whenever I came across someone with grey hair, but here I am with two beacons of impending doom over my jaw line”. Such were the last words of Mr. Mukesh before he rushed to his bedroom, with eyes drenched with tears.