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As per SC, Intolerance is subjected to reservation

01, Dec 2015 By surajbisht

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With the recent reported tolerance incidences like theater, piggy bank, ISIS and gay remarks, SC (self consciences) of many pseudo-intellectuals has raised voice in favor of minor religious community reservation on Intolerance.

To defend family who refused to stand during national anthem in theater, Charkha Butt from MDTV confirmed that family has inherited temporary paralysis problem and they were decent enough to left theater as soon as they recovered. Family has also demanded paralysis pass during such activities for future movies. Charkha Butt also raises broader point to allocate such passes to families who have similar issue to not to respect national anthem and such act shouldn’t be considered as anti-national. During an Interview in neighboring country, Charkha Butt with few opposition leaders also suggested Indian government to consider “Right of Anti-National” as new fundamental right.

For piggy bank issue, Mr Raajdip Videsh-ISI requested that minor communities shouldn’t be target with money laundering and Intolerance issue and its OK for particular community to relate to ISIS group but its not at all acceptable to relate them with a particular animal. Reporter has immediately forwarded request to Chinese companies responsible for manufacturing these piggy banks to change animal else their country will also be considered as Intolerant.

Finally a senior UP minister defended ISIS activities and also raised issue that less than one marriage will be considered as a Gay symbol and hence large population in our country is Gay. Few religious leader from same community don’t agree with this bizarre statement as they consider 2 a very small number . After this statement, Haryana and Rajasthan males are in celebration mood even after knowing current sex ratio.

In some remote places few renowned writers were reported searching inspiration for their next work. After further investigation with local population these writers are specifically searching for rare incident against minor community and ignoring anything against major ones. Upon questioning, writers confirmed their behavior is primarily due to nearsightedness and only possess future vision sponsored by Italian glasses corporation fully owned by A E A Maino and Mr. R Vinci. From some unconfirmed sources same company believe to be involved in sponsoring foreign trip for Khans from Bollywood fraternity.

Unrelated to these events few NRIs are still fighting on Dadri incident and Aamir Intolerance comments. They want to meet Aamir in-person to clarify whether he actually left India or enjoying time-off for holiday season in US or avoiding thanksgiving shopping from Snapdeal.