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Diplomacy and the power of Laziness

02, Dec 2015 By theperfectionist

The best quote one can get on “Diplomacy”: “Diplomacy is the art of telling someone to go to hell in such a way that he looks forward to the journey!”

Today I performed a frantic though invisible task called thinking in the morning. This task lead me to a question (with some help from extra-terrestrial sources): How to earn more, without working more?

By earn more here I mean is money – not the black one of course.

Isn’t that a nice thought to have early in the morning when you are half awake and half stupid? Well, I suffer from a disease very acute in nature called– Laziness. I take it as a privilege to have. So now I am sure you know why I suffer from these kind of thought processes.

Ah, leave that aside and lets concentrate on my question- How to earn more, without working more?

Once I had this thought, where? well, in my mind; my lazy brain suddenly became active and I felt a sudden rush of Adrenalin as though it’s the first time I have found an answer to a question. The answer that was forcefully inserted in my hay-wired brain by my lazy subconscious mind was – L

Well.. well.. well, I am very arrogantly intelligent you know.

We have two VVIP words in every dictionary be it Oxford or Desi – Learn and Earn.

You got the answer, right? I am sure you got the answer.

If not, then I am sure you can give me complex in laziness. In order to earn more you have to learn more. It’s like elder and blessing policy – The more you touch feet the more blessings you get. Let me explain this from the angle that you will understand – It’s like terrorists and hostages. If you want hostages clean and alive you have to give into the demands of terrorists. Here terrorist is Learning and hostage is money.

I am totally breathless now after giving this wizardly sermon, so I am going to stop leaking my wisdom here. In the end on the comic note I want to tell you all – There are two ways of living:

To go on and live. To grow on and live.

… and you know I am LAZY.