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Engineering student writes an open letter citing prevalent water crisis as a reason for not taking bath daily

13, May 2016 By sameer mahawar

600 acre campus. Following the trend of open-letters, an engineering student has also bombarded one in the social media where he has cited the reasons for not bathing regularly.

Prashant Sharma, a student of JHAATU college came to the defense of engineering-cum-bachelor community across the country citing the ongoing water crisis as a reason for their filthy being. Faking News got the extract of letter which reads as follow.

“Wear less clothes. No need for bath, no need for washing clothes. Save water save time.”

“Not using water for cleansing ourselves and resorting to deodorants to have a fresh feel has been a culture amongst students of all renowned, non-renowned and remotely located technology institutes. We are fed up of taunts from our parents, long distance relatives and hostel wardens who look down on us as unbathables. We, unlike some politicians who are wasting tonnes of water for getting their helicopters landed comfortably in arid areas just for clicking selfies, are worried about the plight of farmers and drought hit areas where water is seen as luxury.”

“The only time we feel that it’s necessary to bath is when we either have to appear for vivas or when our roommates run out of deodorants. People are more worried about our bathing and less worried about our backlogs, which if not cleared, would hamper our chances to join TCS, Infosys and Wipro and hence we won’t get sufficient time to prepare for CAT. Moreover, being a mechanical student, we don’t see any motivation (read as girls) to freshen-up ourselves.”

To authenticate whether the letter has been written by a true engineering student or not, Faking News has asked Arvind Kejriwal to validate the same.