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How to get Kohinoor back: Fallback strategies

29, Apr 2016 By Velawrites

India, a country where common man is finding it tough to purchase pulses pricing 200RS/KG, is united by a common goal of constantly thinking about the return of most auspicious piece of stone ever unearthed in the history of mankind. All these suffered a huge set back when the Indian government informed Supreme Court of India that it was actually gifted to Britain, and with it dies all the hopes of its return. However for a mysterious twist in the tale, they have issued a statement that they will get it back and are making all the possible efforts to get it back as soon as possible.

Episode 1 started: We soon will be laying our hands on Kohinoor
Episode 1 started: We soon will be laying our hands on Kohinoor

Here are a few steps through which we can get it back:

Rajveer Nanda: He is an expert in stealing things from London. He presumably stole Kohinoor once but changed his stance during the second half. The only issue with this solution is his legal tussle with Kangana post Bang Bang.

Aryan Singh: He is an expert at stealing precious items and is regarded for his extra terrestrial skills all over the world. The issue with this option, however, is that Aryan has a change of hearts because of his love who happens to be the wife of the police officer who was chasing him. He may be hurt and because of this he may take it up as an image rebuilding exercise. This guy also has outstanding issues with Kangana post his break up with cop’s wife.

Ashok Kumar: We lost him early otherwise Ashok Kumar was renowned as a big jewel thief of his era. He would also have been a good option. We may however ask Simar of “Sasural Simar ka” fame to revive him.

With all these options not working particularly well, we may actually send them CDs of Tushar Kapoor’s movies and Ekta Kapoor’s serials with a condition that if the queen can survive watching all of these at a stretch; they can keep Kohinoor with them. We all know, we will get our Kohinoor back.

Any other strategies you guys can suggest in the comments section will prove you nationalist credentials and win you another article in couple of days.