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I want to go to a costly bar or a pub when I grow up

22, Apr 2016 By kalpan

Generally, the question is asked to young children,”What do you want to be when you grow up?”. Parents feel so proud when answers are received, “I would like to be a surgeon or an engineer or a president”. Same child grows up as an engineer and starts working in a local IT company with minimum wage. A similar question was posed that, what would you like to do when you have lots of money (this question was raised only because his “Janam Patrika” said that he would be filthy rich and not because he had found a job for which he felt passion)? Answer was received, “I would like to go to a nice Bar when I become rich”.

I argued that he could even enjoy booze at home too. He informed that his dream to go to a bar was motivated not only by his desire to drink but also by his desire to maintain status-quo since all his friends (with rich dad) went to those costly and so-called high-society places. He also informed that crowd (lot of scantily dressed girls) was awesome.

I asked his father, “Are you proud of your son after knowing his future aspiration?”, he replied, “What is wrong in enjoying a little bit of alcohol?”. He came out all guns blazing, eyebrow raising, trail blazing & citing the complete ineptitude of narrow mindedness. I was asked, “Since you came from on-site, why don’t you learn from your client? For god’s sake have some life and stop being in Amar-chitra-katha”. With all humility at his command, he recommended that firstly I should start by enjoying life with some alcohol and secondly, I should start enjoying life with gambles.

The underlying assumption here is that all of our Rushis (not modern times Baba) were so unhappy and their life was so miserable that most of them couldn’t even sleep without popping pills because of depression. They were having all diseases like heart attack, cancer, blood pressure, AIDS etc. Their married life was so mixed up that none will know who is a real father. Their children were left near the dumpster and hence they grew up to be homeless and hence, they don’t have enough education. All of those children have to do a blue collar job since they can’t get decent IT jobs because they neither have the skills nor a degree to do the white collar job.

In the interest of those who don’t understand satire, actually the opposite of the content of the above paragraph is truth about Rushi and their lifetime. Take for example, Rushi named Vagbhat who lived for 135 years without a single disease and with six pack abs. These guys used to run Tapovan where each student was receiving an awesome education based on his interests and skills. All Rushis were following Ram’s way of living and having only one wife per lifetime (since they believe in reincarnation). Can you image mental strength of a guy who thrived and not only survived for 110 years with his wife (He studied for 25 years if you are calculating)?