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"It was Hindutva groups which made terrorist attacks in India, including 26/11, to blame Muslims" - An interview with Conspiracy theorist

30, Nov 2015 By manithan

Mumbai. Former top cop of Maharashtra, M Musharaff was kind enough to share some of his knowledge about the involvement of Hindutva groups in terror attacks across India. We met him at his posh residence.

Faking News Reporter (FNR): Namaste!

M Musharaff (MM): Salaam!

FNR: You recently revealed that ‘RSS is the number one terrorist organisation’ and it had hands in 26/11.

MM: Exactly! Hindutva groups had long back infiltrated Intelligence Bureau and CBI. Their only mission is to conduct false flag attacks across India and blame innocent Muslims for it. Almost all of the bomb blasts were done by such IB-backed Hindu groups across India. I have clinching proof to prove that Hindu terror is real and Islamic terror is a mirage. Even 26/11 Mumbai attacks were a cover to take out Hemant Karkare who was trying to uncover this unholy nexus between RSS and IB.

The Terrorists
The Terrorists

FNR: You mean to say that IB staged 26/11?

MM: Have you seen Lashkar-e-Toiba operative ever in your life? These organisations were all fictitious and were given Islamic names to defame innocent Muslims. RSS, with the help of Hindu security agencies like IB and RAW, conducts attacks in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to defame Islam in the eyes of whole world. Regarding 26/11, IB wantedly allowed Pakistani terrorists to land in Mumbai by clearing the sea patrol. The two terrorists involved in Victoria Terminus had saffron threads on their hands. Clear involvement of Hindu groups infiltrated in Indian agencies.

FNR: But all the terrorists were given saffron bands to pave way for Hindutva conspiracy. It was accepted by one of handlers, Abu Jundal himself.

MM: No. He is not Abu Jundal. He is Abhi Jindal who is being forced to act as Muslim by Hindutva infiltrated security agencies. Hindutva groups colluded with IB and arranged seperate attack on VT-Cama-Metro. Only six LeT men came via boat. From where did the other four come from? They are Hindu terrorists. There are proofs that these Hindu terrorists didn’t shoot Hindus in these places and maximum victims were Muslims. Their only motive was to kill Karkare who was about to reveal the Hindutva role in all terror attacks and to kill some peaceful Muslims too.

FNR: So the Hindutva groups allowed 26/11 to happen, so that they can also shoot many people along with Karkare? Why can’t they just take out Karkare instead?

MM: Even Maharashtra police did not help Karkare. All the agencies of Hindu India are responsible for his death. If they had taken out Karkare, the common Indian public would have waken up to Hindu terrorism. So, the Hindutva groups under the guidance of RSS staged 26/11 and killed Karkare. The rest hundreds who were killed were collateral damages.

FNR: They could have just suspended him or dismissed him from police force. Why they have to conduct a large attack to silence him?

MM: They wanted something disastrous to happen so that they can link it to peaceful Muslims and defame Islam.

FNR: But now they got caught. If they knew they will be caught, why would they make such large terror attacks? They would have remained silent and delayed Karkare’s investigation.

MM: Terrorism has got nothing to do with religion.

FNR: I was mentioning the Hindu terrorists..

MM: Then, Terrorism has everything to do with that religion.

FNR: But you earlier said in this interview that six LeT terrorists came and now you say RSS staged 26/11.

MM: Those 6 LeT came from Pakistani branch of RSS. So, it is overall RSS conspiracy. Even Christians like David Headley was used to do reconnaissance. How come it can then be labelled as Islamic terror attack?

FNR: But Congress which was ruling India then dismissed the role of Hindutva groups and claimed it was Islamic terror attack.

MM: Congress is a Brahmin party. Rahul Gandhi is a Brahmin. So, they are also helping Hindutva groups to spread Brahminism and defame Muslims.

FNR: So Yakub Memon is also Sanghi who carried out 1993 Mumbai blasts?

MM: Absolutely. The crowd that came for his funeral were Sanghis who wore skull caps. My investigation reveals that there had been sudden surge in sale of skull caps the previous day.

FNR: What about terror attacks in France, USA, Britain, North Africa and Middle East?

MM: It has got nothing to do with Islam. Like RSS, Zionists had conducted false flag attacks since 630 AD to defame Islam. RSS conducted such false flag attacks from 1000 AD in India. RSS killed 8 crore Hindus in the next 8 centuries to justify their Babri Masjid demolition and ascension of Modi.

FNR: So you mean to say that Mughals were…

MM: Hindutvavadis. They were all RSS Sanghis.

With our head spinning with too much knowledge, we left his home and ran towards a nearby bar to make ourselves sober.