Fake currency still stalks public

10, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Fake currencies are not out of the market despite all the steps to put a control on this kind of delivery. Whatever denomination comes out it finds its track with the fake ones sooner or later. The legal tender of Rs 200 interestingly has only been printed from August this year and is still uncommonness in routine dealing with the whole of the country. When will the common consumers hold the new note?

Though we have been told of the putting the fake currencies out of place after the demonetisation. However, it is more than one year this sort of perennial problem persists predominantly.

Recently one person with as many as 270 fake currency notes in the rupee 200 denomination had been arrested in Sidhra on the outskirts of Jammu city.

The reports said: A special investigation team cracked the case. The main accused was arrested from his rented house on the intervening night of December 6 and 7. During the raid, the police seized that 270 counterfeit currency notes in the value of rupee two hundred. The total fake currency was rupees six lakh, thirty thousand, nine hundred fifty.

Although this was only one more seizure in the illegal effort of bringing fake money into the routine business yet the endeavour has been put a stop to or nipped in the bud by cautious police action.

When we have yet not seen that freshly circulated currency note, the fake version is being furtively attempted to bring in the marketplace.

The common people have found that bringing a fake currency remains the main motive of the tricksters but they are always not successful.

By stealthily bringing the fake notes in the market the tricksters do reach a whole new level of satisfaction for a moment. Ultimately their unfair money minting undertaking plummets with the police action.