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A girl says #MeToo accidentally while asking for another chapatti, media appears from under the table

15, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

What do you say if you want to say “MeToo”? Say “MeAlso”, “CountMe”, “+1”, “Voldemort” or any other word that is not “MeToo”.

In this world of hashtags, we are adding different emotions to common phrases. Such a lovely, kind, cute word “MeToo” has been jinxed lately and would go down the history as a dark, hideous and attention seeking phrase.

Started as a hashtag, for all the guys misbehaving against women, got huge media attention and every lady came out of the closet with her humiliating stories. The well-deserved shameless Masculinity came crashing down but even the most innocent man had a question in mind. Did I humiliate that girl when I touched her to ask for an eraser in 5th standard?

Nevertheless, it triggered the much-needed fear and now the society is accepting it with just one click. #MeToo

A similar consequence was seen when this girl asked for another chapatti by saying “+1”. All the cameras came flashing right on her face which had a darkly burnt roti bite on lips.

She had no story to tell and the media understood it well.

Her grandparents stood in shock, brother went inside the room introspecting and father remained quiet. Her mother felt closest to her and came consolidating.

Even the camera felt embarrassed and closed its shutters!