Monday, 27th May, 2019

Students from other institutes can teleport to Jio Institute using 'portability' feature

13, Jul 2018 By wittaminC

In a recent news, the vice-chancellor of Jio Institute has announced that students from other reputed institutes like Lovely Professional University, IIPM, Sharda University etc can teleport themselves to Jio Institute using the student portability feature.mukesh-modi_660_071018050813

Jio Institute which features among the 6 Institutes of Eminence, flaunts itself as the only institute in that list which actually doesn’t exist. One of its spokesperson told us, “God, Vikaas, Benefits of Demonetization and Jio Institute do exist but people can’t see“. He also told us that Jio Institute follows an innovative method of pedagogy in which the students are given 2 GB of education daily at a nominal fees. Scholarships are also awarded in the form of Cash-backs.

Enrollment in the institute is also extremely easy wherein one only has to quote his JIO Mobile number. The number being linked to Aadhar no. fetches all the information about the candidate including his FB status and DP.

Whatsapp groups are formed for different batches and notes and lectures are posted there. The student who posts the most random shit is made Admin of the group. Assignments have to submitted using ‘Whatsapp stories’ feature. Although, group assignments are still to be submitted vide Facebook wherein all the group members are to be necessarily tagged.

The institute offers a variety of courses including Bachelors in Fake News, Masters in Photoshop etc. Most of the students get placed as ‘Pakoda’ vendors. Some students also opt for CSR oriented career and become ‘Cow vigilantes’ Recently, the institute has also entered into an MoU with Yale University for the award of 7 day Degree course.