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10 inputs ATM guard gave on demonetization

03, Jan 2017 By dasu

As shutter of ATM remained mostly down, the guard had plenty of time to observe & introspect what happened during 50 days of demonetization. Here are some of the observations.

  1. The number of people who came to ATM just to enquire whether it has cash was simply mind boggling. I do not think this will ever happen again in this country.
  2. Almost everyone got higher denomination notes (2k notes) than what they have got before demonetization. Heard in few ATMs some unlucky people got 100 rupee notes, rarest of rare cases 500 notes, but the ATM I guarded it never happened.
  3. Brought such equality in our country. Those who had crores in their account or those who had few thousands, both got only a 2k note. It’s the Poor who did not have anything missed the fun of standing in a long queue.
  4. The ATM I guarded dispensed only 2k notes, still the 50th person waiting in line asked whoever came out, does it dispense 100 rupee note?
  5. Feel for the street dogs who had to sleep in this winter season outside. Without any money ATM shutters remained unnecessarily down, sad Menaka didi did not speak about it even once.
  6. Never got this much respect in my career. At ATM, everyone tried to convince me how I am their distant relatives distant cousin. From 28 friends in FB, it has gone up to 7k for me in these 50 days.
  7. Many new couples got formed, few break-ups, but on overall basis I think it would be on positive side.
  8. The daughter who did not do well in exam or the husband who returned late, everybody was able to hide behind this excuse of standing long in queue.
  9. Poor bank employees who did not have to stand in long queues, but sitting in their chair they had to work maximum to keep the frustrated customers at bay.
  10. Last but the least it’s our journalists who felt the maximum pain when they saw short queues or no queues, but when they saw ATM not working or long queues, they were at their jubilant state.