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24 year old man prepones the whole "schedule" and decides to have midlife crisis

30, Apr 2017 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: 24 year old local man has reportedly decided to prepone the midlife crisis and start the whole mid life crisis situation right now. The man, who recently celebrated his 24th birthday, revealed his plan to our reporter.

Sad engineer
Triying to feel mid-age crisis

The 24 year old has started working for private IT industry few months back. He started talking in mystical deep tone and said, “I learned about midlife crisis about week ago. I also understood meaning of some obscure terms like YOLO, FOMO. I read some philosophical tweets by many deep thinkers. These new found learnings made me think deep. I am still learning about many new philosophical and technological contexts. It made me to prepone the midlife crisis. Yes I should have midlife crisis right now. Now is the right time.”

When asked about his family, he smiled tenderly and continued, “Yes I am unmarried and don’t have any children. I live with my parents. I have not told my parents about the midlife crisis situation. For them, I am just a son who likes to pay for everything online.”

When our reporter asked him the details of midlife crisis ,he thoughtfully continued, “Yes I have learned that I sometimes use grammatically incorrect English. I have to constantly learn about cutting edge technologies. I have to try hard to smile to capture perfect smile on camera. The current global geopolitical scenario needs adept diplomacy to resolve problems. The mankind is violent by his nature…..” (He continued for a while covering many dimensions of everything he had heard and seemed very confused at the end.)

Our reporter told us that the youth was very perplexed at the end and so he decided to go to watch movie to “keep going”. Apparently this young man learned to use the phrase “keep going” on some spiritual website. He gently opined, “Watching movie with my friends seems only answer for my midlife crisis. Small pleasures help me a lot.” and abruptly left for the movie.