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25 Reasons why India is culturally rich

24, Jul 2015 By Gareeb MBA

We have always been proud of our rich history and culture, here are 25 good reasons why so:

1. The British named our country India for their convenience, and so we do, even when they left way back in 1947, No Bharat.

2. We have 18000 languages but still North and South communicate in English, English medium schools considered better than Hindi medium, even Faking news is not Farzi Samachar.

3. Whole world learns and researches Sanskrit, we learn French and German.

4. When whole world is becoming vegetarian, We are becoming non vegetarians.

5. When world does yoga, we go to gym.

6. We buy overpriced drugs and medicines, world adopts ayurveda.

7. We taught world science and mathematics, and now they give us nobel once in a century.

8. We built Taj, Qutub Minar (Then tallest in world) and now our tallest building is 854th tallest in world.

9. We pride on reading Shakespeare, Dickens, Rowlings, when world is appreciates 30000 yr old Ramayana, Vedas

10. When divorces decreasing in world, its increasing here.

11. When McDs, KFCs, Starbucks closing down in America, its flourishing up here in India.

12. We taught world Astrology, now we follow their Calendar from January to December.

13. We introduced world 7 religions, and now Obama has balls to tells us to be secular.

14. We were first to worship Sun, now imports Solar cells from China to harness its energy

15. Our Sunny fought for country on Border and for tareeks in courts but we cheer for cheap import from Canada.

16. Dev Anand, Big B, Rajesh Khanna, Khan Trio etc. thought wearing English suit is better than Indian dhoti Kurtas, else nobody will watch their movies.

17. World learns Harappa and Indus valley civilization, and they call us uncivilized and we oblige.

18. Yesterday world came to study at takshila, now we go to some Harvards and Oxfords.

19. They follow Karma before marriage, we do Bachelor Party.

20. They eat upma and porridge in morning, we eat English Bread.

21. We were only ones to stop Alexander the great, and now our defense buys second hand Russian used submarines.

22. We found the Kohinoor, and now dare not ask it back from Queen.

23. Kabir gave us all dohas, R Tagore gave all metaphors, but we always quote some GB shaw, Keats.

24. Tansen sang,but we listen to Eminems, Mirabai gave us all bhajans, but we prefer Isckon’s.

25. From Bharat ” The Golden Peacock ” , to World’s most corrupt and polluted nation today.

Mera India Mahaan !