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3 JNU students commit suicide after Pakistani terrorist in heaven falls short of 3 virgins

19, Feb 2016 By manithan

New Delhi: 3 students of Jihadi Nurture University (JNU) has reportedly committed suicide. It has created panic among the students studying in that University.

Three students, Loyin (aged 30), StoleIn (aged 28) and Mavao (aged 27), all studying final year Economics in Jihadi Nurture University, were found hanging in their rooms. Police officials had cordoned off the hostel floor and is now investigating the cause behind their suicides.

Hafiz Saeed
Hafiz Saeed has strategically now lent his support for the JNU protesters, so that he will not run short of virgin men in heaven.

A source from the hostel floor (who aspires to become a highly placed source for media in the future) revealed, “One of our student found the three of them hanging in their room around 6:30 am. Immediately, the warden called the police. The trio is said to have written a long letter before committing suicide.”

But the police force was quick to reveal the letter to dispel any rumors. Speaking to group of media mics, a police spokesperson said, “As per their last letter, they reveal that their death is connected to a dead Pakistani terrorist. Few days back, during one of their ‘trips’, they were contacted by a ghost called Al Gosht. Al Gosht had introduced himself as a dead Pakistani terrorist who lost his life while blasting himself near Karachi three weeks back. Upon reaching heaven, he was cheated to have got only 69 virgins out of the promised 72 virgins. Gosht was convincing himself with 69, but the irritation had grew up on him.”

“Sensing the support for his coterie in JNU, he had approached the college two nights before and had been informed by other students there that this trio were virgins. When Gosht narrated his frustration, Mavao was so moved by his sorrow that he immediately decided to kill himself to offer. But, the other two were apprehensive. We have to investigate whatever that transpired these two days. The end is that these three students had committed suicide to fill the three open virgin position in heaven,” concluded the police spokesperson.

Meanwhile, other angry JNU protesters have started yet another protest to express solidarity with Al Gosht and his ’69 problem’. “If Al Gosht needs virgin, From every hostel room, virgins will come out” were shouted by few such protesters.