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37 patients went missing in Delhi, Dr Harsh Vardhan to blame

17, Nov 2017 By Abhishek Srivastava

In a shocking turn of events, 37 patients with asthma and COPD went missing in a hospital. The police inspector in-charge of the investigation has said “We can’t say, or see anything at the moment. It could be a case of mass escape or mass suicide… or maybe they lost the way back to their beds.”

Dr Harsh Vardhan trying to explain his stand
Dr Harsh Vardhan trying to explain his stand

Rumours suggest the patients had lost all hope of living as they observed the AQI shooting up to 500 for 6 consecutive days. They were seen to be making and altering their wills, performing that last havan, and more. They were last seen to be listening to the news on their radios when Dr Harsh Vardhan’s remarks made them go haywire.

The comments of Dr Harsh Vardhan are being reported to cause massive unrest and anarchy among the Delhites. He is supposedly the Minister at Ministry of Science & Technology and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Reports also claim that Dr Harsh Vardhan has an MS in Medical Sciences.

“He thinks we should die to call this an emergency.” cried an unseeable male in front of the press.

“I have no doubt that something terrible has happened to them. I condemn the insensitive comments of Dr Harsh Vardhan amidst of this emergency. I really hoped those patients stuck around until I implemented some new fancy rule to fight these alarming levels of pollution.” remarked Arvind Kejriwal, the Chief Minister of Delhi.