Only 40.5% Candidates prepare for Exams. Rest 79.5% work hard getting Caste and Income Proof." -PMO

10, Jan 2019 By mat kar chamatkar yar..

Union Cabinet has announced 10% reservation for the so called upper caste people. Very soon after this  strategic announcement, the official PMO tweeter handle has tweeted another masterstroke statement. The tweet confirms that reforms in the existing examination system shall be brought immediately.scared-man

The newer Sab ka Saath, Sab ka Vikaas rules require that the majority 79.5% people should not bother about examinations or results. They just need to divert their efforts towards making suitable arrangement for the required proofs. Tehsildaar Office Agents have commended this announcement with extreme joy, considering this as a professional opportunity.

In order to take benefit, one has to fulfil certain conditions. One has to be a Gareeb Sa-warna (i.e. of “upper” caste) whose income is less than Rs. 8 Lakhs per annum, which comes just around Rs. 66,667 per month. By this masterstroke, PM has covered most of India’s population under the scheme.

Upon asking by the faking news, whether the constitution allows reservation more than 50%, the union law minister replied “Woh toh manage kar lenge.”

Those who do not fall within the newer reservation scheme do not seem much bothered. Filmesh, a Gujarati businessman’s silverspoon son told to Faking News team ” Mere Papa 1 saal me 8 lakh ki limit se bahot zyada bana lete hai. Mera admission management quota me final hai.”

Meanwhile, the writer of this article has changed his morning walk timings.