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Advani to consult Salman Khan on various techniques to come out free in Babri trial and increase popularity

21, Apr 2017 By Gaurav Mittal

In a historic judgement Supreme Court of India finally made up its mind to run a criminal case on BJP leader L K Advani in Babri Masjid demolition case. This has come after almost 25 years of Babri Masjid demolition. In these 25 years, BJP has grown as the biggest national party while Congress has shrunk like river Yamuna in Delhi.

Salman Khan giving his blessings to L.K. Advani
Salman Khan giving his blessings to L.K. Advani

In order to handle the trial,  L K  Advani has decided to consult Salman Khan so that not only Advani can come out clean from the case but also gain people sympathy.

Salman Khan has recently been acquitted by courts in ‘hit-and-run’ case as well as ‘Blackbug poaching’ case. In both these high profile trials not only Salman came out clean but also increased his fan following immensely. He was successful in exploiting emotions of people and media. Overall Salman’s popularity increased manifold due to these two criminal cases and the cases helped him ‘being human’.

Advani too wants to achieve something similar. This is much need at a time when Narendra’s Modi popularity is at all time high in the country and there seems to be no prominent position which Advani can assume in BJP.

Salman will advise Advani on various aspects during the trial such as what to wear while appearing in court or how to waive hand to media and people. The agreement to provide consultancy services has been signed for 30 years keeping in mind that it took court 25 years to make up its mind to run a case on Advani.