Airlines to airdrop passengers in Mumbai to overcome traffic congestion woes

15, Jun 2018 By zhootareportor

As per the new directive issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), it has been decided that from 1st July, 2018 all passengers traveling from different locations to Mumbai airport will be airdropped to avoid issue of traffic congestion. Passengers have been complaining about delay in flights reaching Mumbai.

The BKC passengers
The BKC passengers

From 1st July,2018 they won’t have to wait endlessly for their flights to land, instead they themselves will land smoothly in the city. To ensure this, airlines have been asked to contact Boeing and Airbus to build two exit gates on the floor (surface) of the airline. The safety announcement will be changed to indicate existence of 2 doors below as well.

But the most important change that is going to be made is that all passengers will have to compulsorily provide longitude and latitude of their residence/hotel/place of stay before booking tickets. In case a passenger fails to provide it, he/she will be dropped near Sion circle so that all locations of the city are easily accessible from there. It will be the responsibility of the parents to take care of infants and for old and travelers with limited mobility, DGCA has said that in God it trusts.

All fuel surcharge will be withdrawn as a result of this move. All drivers, who are likely to lose their jobs because of this sudden change have been asked to start working on “Pakoda stalls” with immediate effect. Government has assured that working capital expenses will be taken care by the government and they will receive immediate funding for “Besan”, “ Mustard Oil” ,” Potatoes”, “ Onion” etc. with immediate effect.