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American man suffering from memory loss cured after smelling indian railways’ train toilet

11, Jul 2018 By manishpaul

An American medical research agency has claimed that one or their patients suffering from memory loss has been cured after travelling in an Indian railways train. The patient, Sam Harpic, who had been suffering from memory loss for the last 19 years and was heading towards Los Angeles, took the wrong flight due to confusion and reached Lucknow instead. On arrival, he asked Shambhu Lal, a local Pan shop owner, the way to reach Alisson Street. Shambhu, unable to understand the American accent, interpreted Alisson as Allahabad and asked Mr. Harpic to take the direct train instead.

So much awake that he's unable to sleep now!
So much awake that he’s unable to sleep now!

Unable to find a reserved seat, Mr. Harpic asked an agent to book a tatkal ticket for him in the next train. Mr. Harpic finally got a reservation 3 days later and made sure that he entered the train and kept all his luggage on the seat as advised by Shambhu.

The real miracle took place an hour later when Mr. Harpic went to the toilet to relieve himself. “The term bio-toilet was intriguing. I was interested to find out what new technology India is using”, Mr. Harpic said in an exclusive interview. “The first few seconds after I opened the door, i felt a blast of smell that ran into my nervous system and made my mind numb. I somehow managed to close the door, though i forgot to close the latch. The next 10 seconds felt like 10 years and i couldn’t understand what universe i was in. I almost fainted and felt that i was about to enter coma but something miraculous happened. The smell rushed through my nose, into my blood stream to the heart which was pumping faster than ever, my eyes full of water. My brain received the shock signals with every breath i took thay eventually brought back my memory. The smell is unforgettable!”, Mr. Harpic said with tears in his eyes. Infact, Mr. Harpic claims that he is now able to see the future as well due to the shock signals received by the brain during those 10 seconds.

The American research association has sent a research team to understand how the toilets stink in Indian railways, hoping to find a cure for this disease. The Indian railways on the other hand, has decided to sell bottles of Indian Railways toilet fragrance at Patanjali stores as a natural cure for memory loss and related problems.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harpic has thanked Shambu Lal for changing his life and solving one of the biggest mysteries in third world. Shambhu Singh has also been congratulated by the railway minister for bringing medical tourism to India.