Tuesday, 12th November, 2019

Amul has decided to appoint Shami as their new brand ambassdor

21, Mar 2018 By astha@20

Gujarat: Mohammad Shami has been in news for these days but not regarding his achievements in cricket field but his life outside the field. All over India, news has widespread about all the allegations put up by his wife on his name .

Shami had been quiet worried about all these. He thought that this is the end of his career. But as we say when all door closes one opens. Amul advertisement team had been following his story for quiet a long time. When the news of Shami’s whatsapp chat got widespread all over the world, Amul wasted no time and immediately called Shami. They told him that they have never found more appropriate person than Shami for their Milk product ads.

This incident brought a tide of happiness in Shami’s life.  He had never thought that God will be so helping towards him.

Now he is happily endorsing two more ads , one for Dubai tourism and one other for OYO rooms.