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An appeal to LeT terrorists who may have entered Gujarat

06, Mar 2016 By vikrantdshah

10 LeT terrorists may have entered Gujarat as informed by Pakistan NSA to Indian counter part. Here is a simple & logical appeal to them.

He got arrested in India. Now his luxurious life will resume.
He got arrested in India. Now his luxurious life will resume.

Terrorist Bhaiyyas,

If you have even basic logic & common sense, you should give up your idea of suicide bombing & instead get arrested. Dying for your ideology, you can’t really be sure, if virgins & other dangling carrots shown are really waiting in heaven or not.

Instead if you get caught, you can be rest assured that you will be made into instant Heroes par excellence by likes of JNU leftists, stupid Rahuls, opportunist AKs & super secular presstitues, who will spend their sweat and blood generating sympathy for you, arranging AC rooms & Biryani in prison cells! Your whole family will be invited to give interviews on our media channels & paid hefty money to speak bad words about our PM as well.

So, all terrorist Bhaiyyas, use your brain now at least! The choice between between killing & dying in India vs simply getting arrested is obvious one!

Be smart! Be famous & live long!

Your’s Sincerely,

Indian well-wishers.