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Apple CEO faints after seeing Rs 99 Smart phone, admitted to hospital

19, May 2016 By Rajesh Turlapati

Bangalore. Apple CEO Tim Cook who came to India to start a new development center and enhance market in India is now admitted to hospital in Mumbai after fainting at a business conference. Mr. Cook was reportedly fainted when he got to know about Rs. 99 Smartphone that was launched yesterday in Bangalore.

“Mr Cook wanted to launch cheaper versions of i-phones and attract Indian market”, told Paul Smith, Mr Cook’s personal secretary.

“The new cheaper versions of i-phone will cost Rs 16,999 for 16GB and Rs 25,999 for 64GB. We have used several trend-setting techniques to cut down the costs and make the phones cheaper”, Mr Smith added.

“And then, we saw this new Namotel smartphone for Rs 99. Which is like 1.5$. It’s like selling smartphones in Dollar shops !!!”, screamed Mr Smith

“Mr. Cook fainted when he came to know about this Rs 99 smartphone”, he added.