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Arindam Chaudhuri clarifies on IIPM 2.0

12, May 2015 By George BoreWell

Ever since IIPM launched its advertisement in today’s Times of India, Twitter and social media is abuzz with jokes on IIPM. Keeping the gravity of the situation and public anger in mind, we thought to talk to professor Arindam Chaudhuri to get a clarification on how could he DARE TO THINK BEYOND IIPM. Following is the text of the interview:-

Q: What is the motivation behind launching all new IIPM?

IIPM 2.0 Equation
IIPM 2.0 Equation

A: Idea’s IIN campaign was the biggest motivation for me to think over our earlier model which created managers. While watching the drone add, I asked myself, “If everybody goes into building drones and doing all sort of crazy stuff watching videos on their idea powered mobile phones, who will sell SIM cards?”. We did a study and realized that we can equip people with the skills to run a mobile store. Our new program will imbibe various new age skills in our students. The skills include cutting SIM cards into micro SIMs, helping customers with getting fancy numbers etc. This way, we can create entrepreneurs who will keep watching people being billionaires in 20s while questioning themselves for the choices they made (particularly that of joining IIPM).

Q: What is your vision for the first batch of the new IIPM?

A: You see. There are so many things a SIM card seller can do. He can start selling other products to diversify his product offering. I actually expect the brightest students from the batch to watch IIN videos themselves and start building their own products and technologies. In fact, we are even offering the most basic smartphone with an Idea connection to all students upon enrollment.

Q: What is the fee structure?

A: Again, we have tied-up with idea on this. For the first time in the history, tuition fees will be included in your Idea bill. Early bird enrollments will even get to set a free caller tune (Hum nahi banenge Ullu, Hum Nahi Banenge Ullu, Hum nahi banenge Ullu aaj se)! The fees would be in monthly installment of 1 Lakh rupees. The duration of the program would be 36 months for undergrad and 24 months for postgrads.

Q: Why IIPM 2.0?

A: There seems to be some confusion about the name. Most people think that it’s new age IIPM. No!

The idea behind the name is to show the world what 2 pointers can do.

Q: What about your placement record for the last year?

A: Sorry yaar. I’m getting a call on my Idea mobile.

The piece should be taken in good spirit as the intention is not to hurt anybody, including Professor Chaudhuri 😀