Army to hire wedding decorators for a crucial role

22, Jan 2018 By electroman

The Indian Army has given a new ad in today’s Times of AD front page and a few other following pages regarding their new requirement. The army is hiring wedding decorators for a new crucial job. Something which is very im

Indian Army's 1st assignment completed
Indian Army’s 1st assignment completed so destroying them

portant than catching terrorists and shooting Pakistani soldiers. Arranging the guns and ammunition recovered from terrorists.

The army recruitment cell officials mention in their press conference, that presentation is always important than performance. No one will be impressed if you kill 20 terrorists, but people will be awe struck if they see AK47 rifles stacked in a neat circle or bullets arranged in a beautiful flowery design. That is what we are aiming for and who better to do this job than the wedding decorators. If they can overcharge couples for a one day event, they sure as hell can overcharge us for doing our guns and ammo decorations.

The army will be paying them through overpriced contracts with taxpayers money. Arranging bullets in a circle will be intimidating for china and pakistan. On a separate announcement, they also informed that they are planning to hire cardiologists as well. Since we are planning many surgical strikes in pakistan, we need experts to guide us. We need to strike at the heart of pakistan, hiring cardiologists will help us achieve this feat.