Asaram Bapu in depression due to widespread attention drawn by Baba Ram Rahim

30, Aug 2017 By Gaurav Mittal

Baba Asaram Bapu – the Baba of all Babas – has apparently gone in depression on learning the extent of havoc created by Baba Ram Rahim followers because he is upset that his own followers could not create such an impact and draw people attention.

74 year old Asaram Bapu is currently lodged in jail since August 2013 over allegations of raping a 16 year old girl. Bapu and his son were also booked for the alleged rape of 2 sisters.

Where did I fail?
Where did I fail?

The jail superintendent noticed that for the last two days Asaram Bapu has not danced in his cell. On getting suspicious he knocked on his cell and asked Bapu if all is well? Bapu just kept quiet.

Immediately a doctor was called to examine Bapu and it was found that Bapu is under depression. On analyzing and talking to him, the doctor came to the conclusion that Bapu is deeply disappointed and shocked that his supporters could never damage so much to attract nation’s attention and this has been the major cause for him to not get bail in 4 years.

Bapu’s supporters at best have been trying for Bapu’s bail for past 4 years by trying to trend various hashtags such as #बापूजी_को_रिहा_करो and पंगु_न्यायव्यवस्था on social media. But all these efforts have failed to secure a bail for Bapu.
It is a well known fact that babas thrive on the support, blind faith and money of their supporters and with babas mushrooming in every city there is stiff competition for top place. There was a time when Bapu was the only well known Baba in India but now people are quickly forgetting him as they have forgotten Mamta Kulkarni.