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Association of 10th failed students demands quota in government jobs and sports teams, gets support from all the political parties

25, Sep 2017 By Akash Gupta

After recent demands of quota in government jobs from Jats and Patidars, the All India Association of 10th class failed Students’ has demanded the quota in government jobs & sports teams. Pappu Thekedar, president of the association, called upon the Prime Minister to set up a commission to look into their demands.

Despite constituting more than 50% of the country’s population, we don’t have any stake in government jobs, this shows our plight,” thekedar said. “We demand quota in sports teams too as we wasted most of our school time in playing games & that makes us even better and more experienced athletes than our counter parts, government should consider utilising our expertise to end the dearth of olympic medals” he further added quoting the example of Sachin Tendulkar.

Caste based reservation should get over
Caste based reservation should get over

Deepak Shrotriya, secretary of the association, said that they don’t support caste-based reservation as their members belong from all the castes, religions and regions of the country. Shrotriya also announced association’s plan to organise countrywide protests if their demands are not met.

Meanwhile, All India Association of 12th failed students’ and Association of Bihar Board Toppers’ have also extended their support to the demands. One of the toppers from Bihar Board spotted saying “Hamari setting na ban pati to hum bhi inke sath khade hote, isliye we extend our in-principle support to the noble cause”.

Cutting across the party lines, people across political spectrum are whole heartedly espousing the demands. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi told faking news correspondent Akash Singhal that the association’s demands are genuine and the congress party is committed to the empowerment of the backwards, he assured that the congress party will vote in favour of the Bill, if government introduces one in the parliament. Though, the ruling party so far has not supported the idea openly, faking news has learnt that many leaders of the party have been advocating the demands. Talking to the faking news correspondent Apoorv Agrawal, a big leader of ruling party, on condition of anonymity, said “Kal ka kya bharosa, humko apne bachcho ka bhavishya surakshit karna hai isliye I, along with many other leaders from parliamentary committee of the party, am planning to meet the Prime Minister to get the bill passed as soon as possible”.