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Astronauts to learn driving in Maharashtra

03, Nov 2017 By Gurdeep Singh Ahluwalia

The future is here: According to unconfirmed sources and thanks to the excellent works of Maharashtra Public Work Department.

NASA and ISRO will be collectively starting a alien surface driving training program (Similar to Mars Rover Driving Program) on the roads of Maharashtra for all its wannabe Astronauts.

This will let the aspirant astronauts get the knowledge of surface transportation likewise of Mars and Moon. It feels majestic that Maharashtra has got this extraordinary likableness. It’ll create a window for the current and past leaders that, they would interact with this trainees and prepare more such roads for the future years.

Such roads are available in Maharashtra in each village, city and town.
Such roads are available in Maharashtra in each village, city and town.

So in conclusion to this excellent state of the art infrastructure, it provides us the following advantages; Excellent chance to the people residing in the state, “to indirectly compete the astronauts”.

Image building of Maharashtra state roads infrastructure. To be in the eyes of global adventure seeker for catching up the “thrill”. A holy grail of opportunity to have tourists from across the globe, increasing the manifold revenues in tourism.

Providing Automakers/ Automobile manufacturers a interface to train and adapt the challenging surfaces for their upcoming vehicles. Helping bring a good revenues in the field of medical and health care spending. Taking us back to historic era where human beings have just evolved.

Transporting on the best means of transportation such as bullock carts, horse rides, horse carts. Experience Adrenalin of driving on alien surface, while still very much being on Earth. Requesting all automobile companies to please manufacture special vehicles. Something which can be used on roads of Maharashtra with a category line of “Made for Maharashtra Roads”.

Looking into this out the world infrastructure, it will become a example for the world to follow. If you have children’s or family members who wish to be an astronaut, please tell them to reach Maharashtra soon.