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Atheist software engineer stays awake Shivaratri night due to traffic jams in the city

27, Feb 2017 By RT

Mumbai. Atheist software engineer stayed awake on the night of Shivaratri due to traffic jams in the city. Mr. Raja, resident of Palava city, stayed late at work to avoid the traffic jams due to devotees celebrating the festival. When he finally left the office at 2:30 a.m. he thought he would straight reach home and hit the bed. But, it turned out he had to stay awake the whole night due to people taking their faith to streets, it was learnt by Faking News.

Mumbai's traffic is worse than my boss' everyday work pressure
Mumbai’s traffic is worse than my boss’ everyday work pressure

“I have stayed awake the full night only on two occasions before. The reasons were anything but religious for the previous incidents. The first time when there were more bugs than the number of lines in my code, on a patch work. I released a 50 line code for a project and there were 60 bugs reported on that code by the client. Hell! I stayed awake one full night to undo the changes.

The second time was something unusual. I released 500 lines of code as a single utility. The customers did not report a single bug. I stayed awake the entire night partly in anticipating bug reports and actually the thrill of my code working 100% bug free, made me stay awake the full night. Fortunately, those unfortunate nights never repeated until the last night when I had to stay awake for a different reason”, the software guy told Faking News.

Civilization around the roads is something normal in most developing countries. However, festivities in and around the roads is something unique to India and Indian festivals. Travelling lot will have to travel a lot on festival days to reach their intended destination. “With the new trend of celebrating anything and everything and just not the religious festivals, there are more challenges for the commuters”, a Mumbai local told Faking News.

It was later learnt by Faking News that the dedicated Google maps team which reports the real time traffic jams in Mumbai and Bangalore, had to stay awake the entire night to continuously monitor the festivities on the streets of the metropolitan cities.