Baba Ramdev launches a bike that runs with milk, panic caused amongst the cattle society

16, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

Baba Ramdev is all set on the way to become India’s Elon Musk and our country has put all their bets on him. Slowly occupying the dairy market and expanding into new horizons, this man lately got fueled up after a couple of Kapal Bhati and dreamt off running this country on milk.1533920159_maxresdefault

Experimenting around for days, months and years with mooing cows and dungs in his super secretive underground COW-LAB, he discovered that milk can actually be used as a fuel in his new engine. He set the team who mixed all types of milk together along with chemical X, the revolutionary ingredient which nobody has a clue about and came out with Milkoleum.

The MVP is ready and he is all set to set the market on milk. While there are cheers in fans, all the cows and buffaloes have grouped together and have gone for Vipassana.

As expected, the demand for the cattle has gone manifolds with this news and political parties are preparing to invest in this new idea to grab more attention before the upcoming election. 17 similar startups were registered after Patanjali’s announcement of Milkoleum and are on the way to receive the 3rd round of funding.

While the next big thing is on the way, let’s pray for the better health of mooing cows.