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Bahubali's biggest fan too busy sharing trailer launch news on social media, forgets to see the trailer himself

16, Mar 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

Bahubali’s much awaited trailer got launched today amidst great expectations and buzz. The SS Rajamouli created magnum opus has been the talk of the town ever since the release date was announced. Bahubali fans have been putting up fan made trailers even before the production team came up with the first look. There are too many trailer links on you tube and it would take years for a laymen to navigate through to the real one.

Putting up trailers on the internet by fans is fine, but in doing so, to forget to watch the official trailer is a cardinal sin. Well, something of similar sorts happened today. Sanil Jain, a college student from Mumbai who has been known as the biggest Bahubali fan in Mumbai, did something which is not expected of real fans. Yes, he forgot to watch the Bahubali trailer today.

“Bahubali 2 will decide who the real fans are”

When our reporter got this news, he contacted Sanil to get his views on the story. After initial resistance due to the shock in which he was, Sanil finally accepted the request after our reporter promised him free Bahubali tickets. According to Sanil he has been busy promoting the second installment of Bahubali ever since the news of its making circulated through the media. He has created posters, videos, messages and many more creatives to help the film get real traction in Mumbai.

“From today morning itself, I was active on social media, reminding people of the trailer launch, the timings and the venues where they can watch it for free,” said Sanil. On further probed on the matter, he said that it was his mistake that he dint put an alarm for the release time of the trailer.

His friends are making a mockery of him on social media and all his fandom is lost because of an avoidable mistake. But Sanil is not the one to lose heart. He has promised that he will bounce back from this tough situation and create his fandom starting from scratch. He has even wrote an open letter to Rajamouli requesting him to make the third part of Bahubali.