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Ban on Dhoop Sticks soon

08, Nov 2017 By R Kalluri

Are Dhoop sticks to be banned? Even after banning celebrations of Diwali in the NCR, the smog is back strong, leaving new challenges for the delhi administration and the supreme court. It was heard that a new suite to ban Dhoop sticks burnt in the household is in preparation, which could be produced in the court once the current smog is cleared.

"Look at that smoke!"
“Look at that smoke!”

Taking to our news anchor, inside the clean air chamber, the lawyer whose name is not be spoken, smoking his cigar stated that, “The problem with the pollution is mainly because of Choolhas and the Dhoop sticks or Agarbathis which are burned in the festivals and offerings. However Choolhas are secondary in choice because of political interest, Dhoop sticks are priority to be banned. They can use the room fresheners instead of Dhoop sticks, saving the environment”.

On asking how confident they are about this, the lawyer responded, “After our win on cracking crackers out of Delhi, we are very confident that we are going to win this decision too.”

So, after the great ban on Diwali festival, Delhiites now need to be ready to throw out Dhoop sticks out of their house once they hear from the supreme court.

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