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Bangalore based IT companies to install biometrics at traffic signals to track movement of their employees

08, Aug 2017 By sameer mahawar

Bangalore. Using technology to their own advantage, IT companies in Bangalore would be installing biometric machines at major traffic signals to keep an eye of the movement of their labour force.

"Caught you red-handed! We always take traffic problems as genuine  problems."
“Caught you red-handed! Never play with company’s emotions related to traffic problems.”

The decision was taken collectively by the top management of Taramandal Competency Services (TCS), Tinfosys and Girpado when the employees seldom use to complain about delay in marking their attendance on or before the scheduled time due to heavy traffic in the city.

HR having the minutes of Management’s meeting informed us and said, “Employees often complain us that their half-day salary gets deducted even if they are late by one minute. Already their CTC is not worth mentioning, that’s why we don’t want them to face any further hardship on monetary terms. Punching at various traffic signals nearby our office area would mark their attendance. Installation of biometric machines will be a win-win situation for our staff as well as for us. We would be able to track whether the employee is really stuck in traffic or he is just making excuses of getting late due to the crawling of vehicles.”

Employees living at a far distance have welcomed this decision. Karan Kumar, who lives near Banerghatta and works in Whitefield said, “Now I can have my breakfast and lunch peacefully during my commute. Reaching office late wouldn’t bother me any much.

The companies will tie-up with UIDAI to use their existing infrastructure of biometric machines to save its capex.