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Bangalore begins DuckTours for Monsoon Extravaganza

31, May 2017 By Anand G

Bangalore. With the onset of Pre-Monsoons in Bangalore, the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) has decided to provide its citizens a unique way to experience the city, the World-Famous Duck Tours.

For those unfamiliar with DuckTours, it’s the way tourists (in this case hapless citizens) are taken on (read: for) a ride on purpose-built amphibious vehicles for exploring great cities of the world both on land and through rivers running through the great cities.

The BDA, the BWSSB (the water supply guys) and BESCOM (the power supply guys), in a show of solidarity, worked in tandem not for the first time to provide this unique experience for both tourists and citizens alike. This new initiative has gathered so much momentum, UNESCO and WHO have both declared the Bangalore DuckTour as the best DuckTour in the whole world.

London Ducktours
London Ducktour

Bangalore Ducktour
Bangalore Ducktour

Thumbs Up from Ecstatic Citizens

Ruchi (of course she’s a software engineer), a long term resident, reviewed on TripAdvisor,

“.. I’ve been in Bangalore for the last 10 years, every time annoying relatives came to Bangalore uninvited, I was always taking them to Lalbagh, MG road and Belandur Lake, never had I imagined I could look at the city from such a radically different perspective.. I love it.. Thank you BDA..” To set this apart from the DuckTours of other world cities, BDA came up with an innovative solution. Broken tree branches, unexpected pot-holes, fully unfunctional traffic signals and the ace in their pack, drainage works with a minimum depth of 4 feet for the shock and awe effect. Some of the folks enjoying the ride, not wanting to be left behind, decided to contribute with aggressive unruly behavior, hospitable road-rage and the good old friendly non-care for traffic rules.

Of-course, not everyone is thrilled by this new Bangalore darshan. Sales have considerable dropped for the erstwhile footpath hawkers, they’re are having to upgrade their infrastructure to be able to cater to the new ways tourist interactions and Ola and Uber are scrambling to upgrade their offerings of UberH2O and OlaFloat.

For those interested to get a taste of this innovate new way to see Bangalore, find the schedule below,

Days: Look up, does it look cloudy, is it raining? Yes? It’s your lucky lucky day Duration: Depends, (Bannerghatta Road to Whitefield=4hours, Jayanagar 1st Block to 4th Block=40minutes) Pick-up Spot: Any damn street in the City Tickets: FREE We reached out to The authorities for comments on their great work, but in true Bangalore fashion, BDA credited BWSSB, BWSSB crediting BESCOM and BESCOM credited the State Government.