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Bangalore bus conductor by day, Candy Crush champion by night

09, Jun 2017 By ashegrins

Channappa Gowda, a 41-year old BMTC Conductor from Bangalore has achieved what most other Indians haven’t gone close – Complete 2500 levels on Candy Crush Saga. We approached him to know more about his insane performance on one of the most popular games in the world. He says his Candy Crush journey started 4 years ago when he noticed most people in the buses swiping away on some colourful jellies. He became intrigued and started observing the gameplay on multiple passengers’ screens. Convinced to start playing the game himself, he used part of his savings to buy a smartphone and installed the game with the help of a passenger.

Busy in playing
Busy in playing

What started as a casual attraction became a regular pastime during work and eventually became an addiction. He serves the route between Banashankari and ITPL and on most days the travel time is minimum 2 and a half hours. With traffic jams throughout the route he gets ample time to indulge in the game. He began having conversations with passengers who play the game. Initially he used to get tips from them on how to use special powers, etc. The most valuable advice he received was what to do when you run out of lives. By setting the phone time ahead by 3 hours, Candy Crush is tricked into showing 5 lives when it should actually be 0. He has since then shared this advice with other passengers and gained a legend status among the ITPL junta.

Mr. Gowda is currently on Level 2545 and has no intention of stopping as more and more levels get added to the game. He recounts how many a time he has had to ask a passenger to wait to get a ticket as he was in the middle of a timer-based game level. Asked if he also plays other popular games, he says “Last year some I saw some school kids play this new game where some cartoon characters appear inside the bus and they are flicking some balls at them. It didn’t appeal to me though. My son is an expert in that game though.”

Gowda joined Facebook only after starting to play the game and has about 160 friends on the platform, almost half of which are passengers he has interacted with. “This is one thing I repent though. The bloody Candy Crush requests I get on Facebook”, he says like a regular guy.